Theory of change

We believe grassroots action for sustainability to be an indispensable and effective part in the process of finding answers to the major challenges of our time. Sustainability cannot be achieved simply by following a specific roadmap. It will be the result of an deep and wide-ranging cultural learning process.

An approach that centers on building local resilience – social, cultural, economical and ecological – offers a unique learning environment for regaining civic skills. By engaging into practical projects, people learn how to take responsibility for the long-term health of their villages, neighborhoods and towns. The transition to a sustainable society is not about implementing innovative ideas. Foremost it is about how we - citizens of Western democratic societies - understand ourselves to be part of a larger whole and learn to act from that understanding.


Global solidarity and grassroots action for local sustainability are inseparable. The methods and tools to provide everyone on earth with a chance for a good life are available, as well as the means to spread this knowledge.

We act on the base of a holistic worldview (systems view) in which all aspects of the individual and collective experience are fully comprehensible only in their interrelatedness.