REconomy practitioners

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REconomy practitioners local to global virtual community of practice provides peer-to-peer support to entrepreneurs and enterprise ecosystem builders that are reimagining how we can meet our needs, create livelihoods and jobs in ways that are inclusive, socially and ecologically regenerative, fair and resilient. What we call REconomy Enterprise is a financially viable trading entity that fulfils a real community need, delivers social benefits and has beneficial, or at least neutral, environmental impacts.


Communities of practice have these three distinct traits.
[Diagram source: Scaled Agile, Inc. More here.]

We are closely linked with Transition movement. We practice Permaculture Ethics and follow Modern Agile principles in the way we collaborate: 

modern agile

Our mission is ‘supporting regenerative entrepreneurs and community organisers worldwide to spread ideas that work’. We facilitate diffusion of innovations:


Anything that happens in REconomy practitioners virtual community of practice is self-organised by small teams of members. Join us and you will soon meet some of us, or form your own team, a.k.a. livelihood pod