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European Chapter of FOUR WORLDS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE The Fourth Way transcends assimilation, resignation, and conflict by building partnerships with all nations and peoples


Four Worlds Europe (FWE) in co-creation with Four Worlds International Institute (FWII), Front Siwa Lima/Bangsa Adat AlifUrU, Embassy of the Earth, Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples (NCIV), International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, is presently organizing a visit to Europe end of November – 12 December 2015 by its inspirator and founding member hereditary Chief Phil Lane jr and our Hopi brother Ruben Saufkie sr.


Detailed schedule will follow shortly.


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For more detail on this upcoming visit from Brother Phil's and Brother Ruben, please also visit our Facebook page!



The Fourth Way transcends assimilation, resignation, and conflict by building partnerships with all nations and peoples.

Four Worlds Europe (FWE) is the European Chapter for The Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) which was established in 1982, at the University of Lethbridge, by Indigenous elders, spiritual leaders and community members from across Canada and the US.

FWII is an internationally recognized leader in holistic human, community and economic development because of the Institute’s unique focus on the importance of culture and spirituality in all elements of development. During the past 33 years FWII has worked extensively with Indigenous Peoples across Abya Yala, the Americas and SE Asia and building partnerships around the world.


Four Worlds Europe (FWE) aims to join the call made by The Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) by building bridges between communities worldwide. Taking the wisdom and experience from the indigenous peoples and cultures and bringing them back home into Europe, where the same call for protecting the land, honoring the treaties, and the importance of culture and spirituality in all elements of development can be heard. Louder and louder, stronger and stronger every day.

Four Worlds Europe aims to build out its network of Elders as our advisors, where we seek to focus on working with European Wisdom keepers.
The Council of Wisdom of FWE currently consists of the following Elders:

Chief Phil Lane jr.

Taco Blom

Roberto Lopez


More background information:

The past four years a primary focus of FWII’S North American work is stopping the Alberta Tar Sands through supporting direct action, innovative social media approaches and actualizing International Treaties between Indigenous Nations. These efforts include: The International to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects, the International Treaty to Protect the Salish Sea and the Nawt-sa-maat Alliance. This is all related to how we interact with nations and peoples and all life worldwide.

Four Worlds Europe will initiate, join, unite, and support the various unprecedented unified European and other global initiatives and local calls in our European context for protecting the sacred. It is all about interconnectedness of all life on earth. To know our water, our soil, our air and fire. And protect this.













Goals for Unprecedented, Unified Action, Four Worlds Foundation, City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama 2015-2019

1. To support the emergence of the "Seventh Generation", as long prophesied, by fostering youth participation, leadership, wisdom and contributions in all decision making processes impacting life on Mother Earth.

2. To support the participation and leadership of Indigenous Women in all decision making processes impacting life on Mother Earth

3. poverty alleviation initiatives in Indigenous Communities and beyond for balancing the extremes of wealth and poverty, including the equality of economic and social opportunities for women and men.

4. To protect and restore Sacred Sites for ceremonial use, including the repatriation of cultural and ceremonial effects to Indigenous Peoples of origin. To support unified actions that educate and insure that Indigenous arts and cultural expressions of the Sacred are portrayed in the media in a respectful manner.

5. To unify networks of Indigenous Peoples and Allies to further galvanize and solidify the actualization of the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle across the Americas and beyond. This includes the expansion of International Indigenous Treaties like the International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects and the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea. In concert, this calls for the implementation of International Trade Agreements between Indigenous Peoples and Nations and direct Trade Agreements with other Nation States.

6.To halt the destruction of the lands, waters, life and cultures of Mother Earth by extraction industries are destroying the lands and waters of Mother Earth and Replacing them with alternative energies, including solar, wind, tide, and geothermal, , as well as, other green technologies on both the macro and community levels.

7. To protect and restore the use of Indigenous plants, medicines and sciences, including the further establishment of Indigenous healing and educational centers for these purposes.

8. To support unified, global efforts to have the Papal Bulls of 1455-1493, and resulting Doctrine of Discovery formally denounced by Pope Francis. This includes, the issuance of a formal apology to all Indigenous Peoples and other members of the Human Family, who were unjustly colonized, with the full understanding that this global colonization process and resulting, related political and legal systems have created immeasurable suffering and damage and continuing intergenerational poverty, injustice, violence and disunit.

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